Welcome to SumTech 

Global trading since 1997

Our Mission

To offer competitive prices, excellent customer service, and logistics support to all our customers looking to purchase high technology goods manufactured in the United States and Europe.

Who we are

Sumtech is an export and logistics company based in Maryland that specializes in distributing high technology merchandise, including laboratory supplies and devices, safety equipment, environmental monitoring systems, and industrial controls instruments.

Since 1997, Sumtech has built a strong network of suppliers across the United States and Europe. The primary markets for Sumtech are South America, Asia, and the Middle East.   

Customer Support

Sumtech supports its customers across the entire acquisition and logistics process. Our highly qualified multilingual team works tirelessly to ensure that the original request, commercial research, negotiation, purchase, consolidation, and final shipment are in compliance with all regulations.

Our Network

Our supply chain starts by offering products, mainly, for the following manufacturers: Thomas Scientific, Kestrel, Fisher Scientific, VWR, Koehler Instruments, National Drager, Gastec, Extech Instruments, Scott Safety-3M, A.P. Buck, SKC, MSA, SperScientific, RIKEN KEIKI, Kitagawa, Corning, Hellma, Honeywell RAE, Dupont, NIST, Hanna Instruments, MP Biomedicals, Mettler Toledo, Restek, ThermoFisher, Grainger, Parker, Emerson, ABB, Allen-Bradley, etc.

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